I have not included any initials or dates to ensure anonymity.
  • You were open and honest in a way that helped open my eyes to new perspectives and opinions.  I can honestly say that I feel I'm a better person as a result of our counseling sessions and I'm sincerely thankful and grateful.

  • I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for Claudia.  She went over and beyond her duties.  I have had quite a few counselors and she was the best!

  • She was a fantastic listener with great insights and non-judgmental nature.  She's an amazing person who had tremendous impact on my life at what was a critical time developmentally.  I could not be more thankful for the experience I had in therapy with her.

  • You helped me find my emotional and spiritual footing through your compassionate counseling.

  • Words cannot express how much I'm going to miss you.  I know you were just doing your job but I don't think anyone could have made me feel the way you made me feel and don't worry, I take most of the credit for my growth but you helped me so much.  I was really blessed in my time of need to be given someone like you.  I truly think it was in God's plan.  I envy anyone else who gets to work with you in the future.  They, too, will undoubtedly benefit from your wisdom.  I will never forget you.

  • You have a real quality about you that makes people feel at ease.  Your ability to listen and give honest feedback helped me a lot.  I have been in counseling before and not had the same positive experience.

  • My counselor was fantastic.  She really listened and provided me a new way of looking at and dealing with my problems.  I feel she really helped me gain a great deal of self confidence.
  • Claudia was a wonderful counselor.  I am overly pleased with the learning and growth that I was able to accomplish with her help.  I grew in areas that I had originally not planned to look into.  My experience has significantly changed my life for the better.

  • Very few people leave such lasting impressions on me that I know I'll take with me forever.  I really left our sessions with a huge sense of self worth and confidence.  Often all it takes is me envisioning myself walking out after our sessions for me to feel good about myself.
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