My approach to Counseling

Do you focus on everyone else’s needs except your own? Do you find it difficult to put yourself as a priority, always putting your children, work, spouse, parents, friends, or family above your own needs and concerns? Are you raising a special needs child and feeling overwhelmed? Do you have a loved one with a substance abuse problem or medical illness?

Do you struggle with being self-critical and a perfectionist? Has this ever resulted in symptoms of depression, anxiety, sense of low self-esteem, compulsive overeating, exhaustion, and/or alcohol abuse in your life?

If so, in an encouraging and non-judgmental relationship, I believe that we can work together to help you to identify your strengths, as well as the reasons why these destructive patterns developed. Furthermore, together, we can develop & implement a strategy for changing any harmful patterns into more productive, positive choices for your life.


My hope is that you will leave our sessions feeling understood, supported, encouraged, challenged, enlightened, hopeful, and empowered.

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